VEVS restyled Michelin star restaurant ‘Aan de Poel’ in Amstelveen and created a chic and cosmopolitan atmosphere. High quality materials are used and a number of interior elements are added.

In the entrance area a round bar invites you to the restaurant. The bar has a marblestone top with a brass finish and the front side is illuminated and covered with thick folded felt. The restaurant is divided by a 20 meters long wall that separates the working area from the bar and dining area. The wall also integrates the wine cabinets, wardrobe, entrance doors, the wine room and has a large opening towards the kitchen. Guests can watch the chefs working when they create the fresh, inspired and balanced dishes. The wall is cladded with a contemporary unexpected material; a woven floor covering in a random pattern of 4 natural colour shades. Because of the texture of the woven tiles, the light is captured beautifully and makes the wall shine. It gives the lobby, bar area and restaurant a warm and chic atmosphere and a better acoustic quality. Our client wanted to preserve a number of characteristic features such as their famous chandeliers.

The fantastic view on the lake and the chic modern style interior creates a great atmosphere to have a lunch, dinner or a drink.


Copyright: VEVS Interior Design
Photography: Mike Bink