VEVS developed a complete interior for a new bath and bedroom on a relatively small attic floor of a Amsterdam apartment. By combining bathing and sleeping, there is a smooth transition between these two activities, remain open space character. VEVS added the wide bed with the bath and toilet area.

Because of its limited space the bed and the bath are positioned with their backs against each other. The long side of the bath was partially raised and across the width of the bed extension. The basin and the two shower walls merged into a separate unit. VEVS crafted the furniture in mdf and provided with a thick waterproof coating, Rocathaan Hotspray. This finish has a woolly texture and is finished with a matte white coating. The floor is covered with high gloss polyurethane. Special attention is given to the lighting. This reinforces the perception of the white space rectangular volumes. The space is equipped with a domatica system and LED lights.


Copyright: VEVS Interior Design
Photography: Rene Mesman