When multibrand jeans store De Rode Winkel asked us to design their new store concept in Nieuwegein, the briefing was simple: We want to  give the customer a true denim experience and service with a collection of 50 square meters of jeans. De Rode Winkel is a chain of nine stores and is specialized in premium jeans brands. Their high service makes them different from others similar retailers. Here they can tell you all about denim and why you should invest in a really good pair. It was also important to design a more fashionable store than a standard jeans store. We created an intimate and almost domestic atmosphere for the customer without losing the denim focus. The space is divided in three different shopping areas, each with its own character and collection.


The entrance area displays the men’s collection and feels like a men’s chamber with oak parquet flooring and walls covered in sturdy black steel paneling. The chamber is furnished with black wooden tables, metallic clothing racks and a leather upholstery cash desk. All the premium brands are signed in brass panels hanging on the walls behind the cash desk.


In the middle of the store a Denim Lab is created which focusses on premium jeans brands. This area has four large freestanding white clothing cabinets with white shelves and brackets. You feel surrounded by blue walls of denim like in a library. In contrast to the men’s area the parquet floor is made of black steel and the walls are covered with fabric. In the middle of this room a wooden Denim Bar with drawers display the Vintage Jeans collection and accessories. This is the heart of the store where the customer can get serviced on this high-end product and can get a nice cup of coffee.


The woman’s collection is in the back of the store and this area looks more like a garden room. The white wooden tables, big mirrors, champagne coloured clothing racks and light oak wooden paneling give this area a lighter and warmer ambiance. Large mirror doors conceal the fitting rooms and act like big windows looking out.


Copyright: VEVS Interior Design

Photography: Michael van Oosten