terStal is a retail chain with over 200 stores spread over the Netherlands, outside the metropolitan areas. terStal stands for affordable family fashion. Simple, refreshing, no-nonsense and accessible are the main brand values of the fashion chain. With the brand’s new marketing strategy the logo, the advertisements and the store have been redesigned. VEVS Interior Design is responsible for the new store concept and has worked closely with the communication and marketing department of terStal. The new shopping environment reflects their brand identity. It is a fresh and clear designed store with a simple modular shopping furniture.


The base of the store is formed by the neutral gray colored resin floor and walls. The metal midshops are light gray. The presentation tables, the wall behind the cashdesk, fitting rooms and the high wall cabinets are made in light colored wood. The inside of the cabinets and shelves are white. Fresh colored accents are made by the red cashdesk, orange action baskets and green clothing racks.


The density of goods in the store is high and demands flexible interior components. By using high wall cabinets and presentation tables the density of goods can be varied more. The zoning is supported with clear signage. The midshops are flexible and offer multiple visual merchandising presentation opportunities. The wall cabinets are also flexible is use for clothing, accessories and underwear. The new lighting is based on three types of light; wallwashers, spot lighting and ambient lighting. The new lighting is achieved by one type of adjustable spotlight which gives the store a dynamic and clear look. All exposed interior components are brought together in a Toolkit.


Copyright: VEVS Interior Design

Photography: Michael van Oosten