BOGRA showroom

VEVS designed for Bogra ‘The Bogra Park’.  We were asked  to propose a complete concept  for the 1200 m2 former printing factory, to facilitate a large showroom, grand cafe and training area. Bogra is producer and supplier of coffins, urns and other products which can be used before, during or after a funeral/cremation.

We created different spaces with their own specific quality, look and feel. The showroom area will present the complete collection of more than 200 coffins, urns and accessories. To make it a clear and inspiring experience for the visitor / clients we divided the showroom in three zones; Worlds, Showcase and Depot. The ‘Worlds’ five circle formed stages for showing thematic and temporary presentations. The ‘Showcase’, a 22 meter long unit will contain all the urns and small accessories and separates the space to create the Depot where the complete coffin collection design range is presented. The ‘grand cafe’ as central area for meeting the clients is warm, natural and is open to the showroom. The training area will be clean, sober and flexible.


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